"5D Sunshine Tree Diamond Painting DIY Home Decor Gift"

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There's nothing better than a hobby that gives you the utmost satisfaction. Feel the joy of starting our delicate 5ddiamond art kit and drift into relaxing, peaceful moments. Start Painting Diamonds

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Gift the artistic masterpiece or décor your walls by choosing this or any other diamond painting from our aesthetic collection.

✔️Full-Drill diamond painting
✔️Equipped with all necessary tools
✔️Choice of Round or Square drills
✔️Free accidental insurance
✔️100% money-back guarantee
✔️24/7 Support via Email & Chat

Brace yourself for the "miracle" of Diamond Painting

5D Modern Sunshine Green Trees Diamond Embroidery Cross Stitch Diy Mosaic Full Diamond Painting Handmade Home Decoration Gift

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Custom Diamond Painting
1.How to choose a photo for a custom diamond painting?
If anything that might stop people from working on their dream customized diamond painting project is the uncertainty and doubts in choosing the photo. If we don't select the image with care, the result may be blurry and pixelated with so much disappointment. However, by following simple points, you can choose the picture that can translate into a perfect diamond painting.
1.Choose an image that has high-resolution and quality. Zoom in the picture to check the details and pixels.
2.A picture taken in optimal lighting conditions is preferred over a photograph taken in dark surroundings.
3.The color of the picture should be bright, vivid, and doesn't have any overlay or visible color tint on it.
4.The image shouldn't have dark shadows.
5.Image dimensions should coordinate the selected canvas's dimensions.

1.For a landscape image, choose a landscape canvas.
2.For a square image, choose a square canvas.
3.For a portrait image, the canvas should be a portrait.

2.Will the custom diamond painting be a full drill or partial drill?
Our custom diamond paintings will be full drill, so every inch of your custom diamond art shines and glitters.
3.What kind of diamond drills will I get for my custom diamond painting?
You have the freedom to choose your desired diamond, be it square or round. So, if you feel comfortable working with round diamonds, you get a kit with round drills, and if you want to choose square diamonds, you get dazzling square diamond kits.
4.What if I want to return my custom diamond painting?
Since custom diamond paintings are made on order, you can't return them. However, we understand the sentimental value attached to the personalized diamond kit. That's the reason we make sure to send you the diamond kit by guiding you to get the right size, doing the necessary color correction, and after showing you the preview.
5.I am not sure about the custom diamond painting size. What should I do?
Check our custom painting recommended sizes. If you are unsure about anything, you can leave us a message, and we will guide you about your custom diamond painting size, color, image selection, etc.
6.How much time does it take to finish the diamond painting?
It depends on the canvas's size and the time you can dedicate in a day to work on your diamond painting. A small size canvas may get complete in a few days, whereas a full drill large-sized canvas may take a month. However, diamond painting is so relaxing and addictive that you won't leave it unfinished.
7.What if I run out of a particular color diamond drill?
Whether it is a custom diamond kit or a premade kit, our kits include extra diamond drills so you don't run out of any color while working. In fact, you may be left with extra diamond drills, which you can use in any other DIY project.
8.Does canvas size matter in custom diamond painting?
Yes, it matters a lot. If you choose a small-sized diamond painting, the final result will be blurry and pixelated with no details. A large size diamond painting will capture all the finest details of the original image.
Additionally, if your image is in portrait mode, you should choose a portrait canvas. And for a landscape image, choose a landscape canvas, and the same goes for square photos.
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